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The Uptown Cafe

1639 SE Ensign Lane Warrenton, OR 97146

Open Daily 8am-9pm ..... (503) 861-5639

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The Uptown Cafe

Open Daily   8am-9pm (503) 861-5639
1639 SE Ensign Lane Warrenton, OR 97146

Wednesday, July 24, 2024 - 4:54 pm

About Us

Uptown Café opened in June of 2013. In an effort to give back to the community that supports them, founders David Yuill and Krista Bingham used all local labor and contractors, and opted to outfit Uptown in repurposed local building materials wherever possible.

Much of the building materials were obtained from Trails End Recovery. This local business recovers building materials from structures that are being remodeled or demolished. Uptown items include the benches running along the south and west walls, which are  beams from the original Astoria Safeway, located on Duane Street.

The bar is a solid piece of glue-lam that was originally a beam in the old Lewis and Clark School. Upon refinishing, student signatures were found from the 1980s. Those were preserved and our opening crew added to the autographs.

Many locals also contributed to the repurposing endeavors. The worn boards that make up the siding on the bar and the partition wall are from a church in downtown Warrenton. The church was almost 100 years old when it was torn down nearly 50 years ago! These boards were generously donated by the Shepherd Family. With the 2017 remodel, these boards now make a statement in The Bottoms Up Bar as wainscoting and in the light above the bar.

In addition to these historic materials, the wainscoting along the north wall was once part of the Astoria Yacht Club dock, and the doors and windows that make up the entry to the Bottoms Up Bar are from area homes that were being demolished.

Donnie Jones and David Posalski acquired The Uptown Café in September of 2017. David is a local restaurateur from Seaside and Donnie brings his 22 years of kitchen experience to The Uptown Café. As of December 2017, the restaurant has undergone a transformation that maintains all the rich local charm of the previous owners, while expanding the dining room, opening The Bottoms Up Bar, and installing a small breakfast counter near the new entrance.

In keeping with the repurposed feel that David and Krista began, Donnie and David have reused much of the historic materials in their renovation. Come see the casual, inviting atmosphere.

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